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What Drives Us/About Us

Trium Limited‘s objective is to unlock long-term value and provide sustainable engineering, and ecological solutions. Our solutions aim to offer a real return-on-investment in the built environment. Trium Limited is proficient in combining the principles of sustainable construction with proven hands-on experience.

As a company we undertake to assess risk implications, the total cost of ownership, time and budget constraints. This helps us to provide focused engineering, environmental, and construction management expertise. Consequently, we deliver cost-effective, sustainable solutions that are technically sound, aligned with the client’s expectations and global best-practice standards.

A key pillar of our strategy is to provide high quality, cost-effective, environmentally sound and efficient service with the aid of skilled and experienced environmental professionals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with professional and quality sustainable construction engineering services for all building typologies. This will be achieved through the concept stage, design stage and construction to completion. This will be accomplished by our highly motivated and skilled professional team working hand in hand with the projects design teams incorporating common sense and practical experience to deliver the client’s dream.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the first-choice provider of sustainable construction engineering services in Kenya and the East and Central Africa region.

The Trium Team

Our team includes engineers, certified environmental professionals, Green Star Accredited Professionals (Green Star AP), LEED Accredited Professionals (LEED AP), EDGE accredited professionals, project managers, construction and business professionals who share a strong commitment to improving the sustainability of the built environment.

Our staff are passionate about designing environmentally friendly buildings and always update their qualifications and knowledge on sustainable design. Hence this allows the company to remain at the forefront of environmentally sound design practices.