Sustainable Building Design and Certification

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Sustainable Building Design and Certification

Trium Limited offers green building certification services. This uniquely qualifies us to offer LEED, GreenStar and EDGE project consulting for any project. The Trium team has had experience in various capacities, hence we deliver high-quality work. Sustainable building design and certification guarantee value addition for your project.

Trium Limited’s project approach follows the integrative design process involving a holistic approach to high-performance building design. Increasingly, the green agenda has become a global strategic initiative.

It is evident that buildings heavily affect business/household costs, degrade the environment, and negatively impact the society.

Buildings account for an average of 41% of the world’s energy use, are responsible for 38% of all CO2 emissions, and It is estimated that the built environment approximately consumes 20% of global water and 40% of the world’s raw materials are used in the construction of buildings and according to the EPA, over 170 million tons of debris generated in the construction and demolition of buildings in the U.S. alone in 2003.

Better quality building materials and better design can extend the lifetime of buildings, resulting in lower maintenance costs and saving primary materials, energy and waste.

2063 African Union Agenda on this subject matter is to limit global temperature rises to under 1.5 degrees

East Africa Union Vision is to decarbonise our industries by 2050.

At the Kenyan Level within the framework of Vision 2030 Blueprint, supporting legislation exists to support various sectors to carry out their intended contributions and report to the National Treasury under the INDC programme.

In developing sustainable buildings there is huge potential for them to reduce energy consumption, CO2 emissions, and costs. It is against this backdrop that Trium limited was created, to encourage the sustainable design, construction and maintenance of buildings, contributing to a greener building stock in Kenya.

To avoid the worst effects of climate change, we need to dramatically reduce global carbon emissions. Moreover, we must also prepare for the significant and unavoidable consequences of ever-increasing carbon emissions such as increasing temperatures, and the increasing intensity and frequency of extreme weather events, by creating resilient future-proof buildings.

As Trium, we can design, verify and certify your building portfolio green, differentiating your product and positioning your company at the forefront of change. The value added for our clients is that green-certified buildings are more cost-effective and realize greater value in the long term.