Waste Management

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Construction & Demolition Waste Management

Trium Limited offers full-service construction waste management that aims to cover all aspects of the waste management hierarchy. We provide high quality, cost-effective environmentally sound and efficient service.

Trium Limited has come up with a versatile waste management policy that aims to envelop all aspects of waste management as defined by the Environment Protection Agency. Consequently, we aim for consistently high levels of community and customer satisfaction with our services.

The company can offer a diverse range of green waste management strategies and policies that give surety to the quality of service we deliver.

Sustainability and reducing the impact the construction industry has on the environment remains our core value. Our unique waste mapping process assists our clients to better manage their levels of waste, increase their recycling levels and reduce their carbon footprint.

Up to 30-40 per cent of the waste going to Kenya’s landfills is related to the construction and demolition of buildings. Even more, waste is produced during the occupancy of buildings and the production of goods that we consume every day. Poor waste practices and treatment of the environment in the past have not only lead to a degradation of our water, air and land resources
but also represent a big financial burden to current and future generations.
Therefore, it is becoming increasingly important to minimise, separate and recycle waste. This will lead to significant social, economic and environmental benefits.

By reducing, recycling and reusing waste you can:

  • Reduce the amount of waste going to landfill
  • Reduce emissions, pollution and contamination
  • Protect scarce resources
  • Reduce overall construction costs
  • Reduce tipping fees
  • Sell salvaged resources
  • Contribute towards the Council’s waste reduction targets for your community.


“It’s time we realise that waste is an asset, and not a problem. Through informed design, alternative waste treatment and effective resource recovery, money can be saved at every stage of building development.”